Special Wellness Offer for Vietnamese residents

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Special Wellness Offer for Vietnamese residents

In celebration of its grand opening, Alba Wellness Resort has launched a special wellness package to encourage Vietnamese residents to take part in an exclusive journey surrounded by nature where time is suspended and emotions are rejuvenated. Dedicated to Vietnamese residents, the package includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Full board with healthy set menus using organic ingredients
  • Free Zipline and Highwire
  • Free Onsen baths and outdoor hot springs
  • Free bikes
  • Free wifi
  • Free 2-way airport transfer by shuttle bus

Free 2 bottles of Alba natural mineral water daily

– The package is priced as follows

– Deluxe Premium: USD 150 net

– Junior Suite: USD  180 net

– Elegant Bungalow: USD  240 net

– Grand Bungalow: USD  360 net

About Us

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About Us

Alba Wellness Resort is proud to be a member of Alba Vietnam – an affiliate of Openasia Group.

The word “Alba” originates from Latin and means sunrise. It evokes a sense of freshness and originality, which lays the inspiration for Alba Vietnam’s philosophy and activities. Based on Alba hot spring source, 30km north-west of Hue city, Alba Vietnam offers a diverse range of health and wellness products, from Alba mineral water to Alba hospitality, including Alba Hotel, Alba Spa Hotel, Alba Hot Spring Resort and Alba Wellness Resort. At Alba, we strive to bring to our guests an exceptional health and wellness experience through professional services and unique products.

Openasia Group was established as an investment firm operating in Vietnam since 1994. Rapidly developing into a diversified group of companies led by a strong sense of entrepreneurship, Openasia now manages seven divisions employing more than 1,500 employees, in different sectors such as fashion, craft, technology, hospitality etc.

Five health benefits of Vietnamese food

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Five health benefits of Vietnamese food

If you were asked what made you fall in love with Vietnamese food, what would you say? For me, there are numerous things to love about their food, from the noodle soups representing a balance of meat and vegetables to its coffee – strong, almost chocolaty in flavor or even the beer for a hot day. But, it’s appealing not only for its great taste, but also for its advantages for our health. Here are the 5 health benefits of Vietnamese food.

It improves digestion

If you have ever tried Vietnamese food, you will find that most of it contains the herbs like coriander, mint, etc. You may feel their flavor in the dish, but you should know that not only is it promoting the taste of the food, but these vegetables also have health benefits, such as reducing indigestion, headaches, and nausea.

It helps weight loss

Vietnamese food is flavored by herbs and spices and is packed full of fresh fruit and vegetables, so it contains low calories and unhealthy fats. For example, a large bowl of soup may have between 300 and 600 calories and less than 3 grams of fat. You can eat it all day for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and avoid weight gain.

It is good for those with blood sugar problems 

Blood sugar appears to be a health danger on the same level with tobacco and alcohol. But this may be limited with Vietnamese food. Many soups and dishes of Vietnam are low in sugar (less than 5g per serving), and enjoying them will certainly help cut the intake of sugar.

It keeps you young and beautiful

You will be surprised that eating Vietnamese food is a good way to keep you young and beautiful. Fresh vegetables and soups of Vietnam provide a lot of vitamins such as A and E due to its ingredients of fresh herbs, spices, and no-fat meat. And as proved by science, while vitamin E works to fight free radicals in your body (one of the major causes of aging process), Vitamin A is essential for healing scrapes and scars, and keeping wrinkles at bay, leaving you with smooth skin.

It enhances immunity, anti-fatigue

Why it is said so? Do you know that just a bowl of Vietnamese food contains loads of your daily vitamins and minerals? If this is the first time you hear this, let me tell you via a bowl of Pho. Its pure broth takes over 10 hours to be prepared. It provides up to 10 types of vitamins and minerals including vitamins C, B3, B6, folate, iron and magnesium that help reduce fatigue.

Source: Vietnam Discovery Travel

Slow living is healthy living

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Slow living is healthy living

Across time and throughout the world, human beings have swung a pendulum from one end of the spectrum to another in an attempt to find balance. It’s part of our nature. In the modern age, for example, we were so excited about the industrial and technological revolutions that we often made the proverbial mistake of throwing out the baby with the bathwater: We replaced nature with skyscrapers, play time with PlayStation, meeting in person with meeting in cyberspace, and healing touch with the surgeon’s blade.

What initially was supposed to serve us and give us more time to enjoy life ended up controlling us and pushing to work harder, longer and faster. What initially was supposed to connect us left us feeling more isolated than ever. And what initially was supposed to optimize our health ended up interfering with our ability to get and stay well. As New York Times bestselling author Vicki Robin remarked in our phone interview, “Technology has advanced our lives in certain ways, but then it holds us back in many others.”

Having reached the outer limits of our indulgent and excessive lifestyles, today the pendulum is swinging back toward the ancient ways and their associated wisdom, through the growing international “slow” movements — slow food, slow money, and slow medicine, to name a few. In other words, we are realizing that faster does not always mean better and that over the long run, faster not only can slow us down but also can kill us. As an upshot, we are rethinking how we approach our bodies, lives, and planet.

Fast food, for example, while obviously convenient, robs us of essential nutrients that our bodies need to function properly. In addition, it eliminates the creativity, love, and community associated with food that is made with fresh ingredients from local farms and that is prepared by people we hold dear. Mass-produced, super-sized burgers, fries, and shakes not only overwhelm our systems with empty and far too many calories, but they also lack the essential “ingredients” of connection to our neighbors, our land, our loved ones, and ourselves — all critical to our body-mind-spirit wellness.

The word “health” comes from the Anglo-Saxon root word haelen, which means “whole.” In its essence, health is truly a state of wholeness. Just as we cannot separate body, mind, and spirit, so can we not separate ourselves from other beings, the world in general, or the universe beyond it. Health is truly the sum total of everything; therefore everything is relevant and important to health.

And so the slow movements are collectively hitting the pause button on the mad dash to acquire that which is perceived as bigger, better, faster, and stronger, at any cost. They are asking us become aware that there is in fact a cost, to determine exactly what that cost is, and to consciously decide whether we want to pay the price, now and/or down the line.

By taking little actions in our personal lives and contributing in some way to our local communities — whether through money or service — we can help slow down the frenzied pace of our world, bringing ourselves and our society back into balance.

Certainly, there are many challenging issues facing us today in the modern world. We can tackle them in a frenzied, anxious, short-sighted, and disjointed way, employing the very tools and attitudes that contributed to our distress, or we can take a step back, recognize the depth and complexity of our situation, approach the system as a whole, and work together to calm things down. By connecting to each other and our planet, we can counter-balance the fast rush of chaos with the slow rhythm of our beating hearts. As in the case of the individual body, this shift from the sympathetic (flight/fight) to the parasympathetic (rest/digest) mode will activate our natural healing mechanisms — collectively restoring wholeness, and with it, health.

By Michael Finkelstein

Slow Medicine Doctor

Best time to visit Hue

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Best time to visit Hue

If you are planning for a trip to Hue, it is wise to know about its weather. Hue is located in tropical monsoon climate so it is divided into two distinguished seasons: dry and rainy season.

People often say February to April is the best time to visit Hue. In these spring months, the weather is at its best for every activity. The temperature hovers around 22oC, which is comfortable to visit Hue’s many tourist attractions. The Thien Mu Pagoda, Thai Hoa Palace, Dien Tho Palace, Ngo Mon, Tomb of Khai Dinh, Ngu Binh Mountain, Trang Tien Bridge… are all at their best at this time of year. The mild temperature also means you can do a little wandering of this picturesque city. From February to April, the rainfall is at its lowest in Hue, giving you ample time to soak in the many wonders and transcend to a different era in Vietnam’s history. Also, you can enjoy unique traditional performances of Nha Nhac Cung Dinh Hue or the Royal Court Music of Hue.

From June to July, it is possible for travelers to visit Hue, but it will be a little hot. In those summer months, the weather is at its hottest, with an average of 30oC, which can become uncomfortable for many travelers. While a little hot around this time of year, the sky is high and blue, naturally lighting the many beautiful tourist attractions of Hue.

August to December is the monsoon season of Hue. It is still possible for travelers to visit Hue in rainy season, but not recommended. The monsoon season brings with it frequent heavy rains that can last for a few hours. However, you will have time to discover the diversity of Hue’s cuisine as well as some activities like drinking tea/coffee, listening to the music, going for a row on Perfume river, taking a cyclo tour around the city… just to enjoy a rainy day in Hue.

Spa treatments

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Spa treatments

Alba Wellness Resort offers massage therapies for the perfect balance of body and soul. Following the relaxation of the Onsen, pamper yourself with our truly unique spa experience, which is meticulously designed by our team of wellness experts to suit your individual needs.
All of our treatments are enhanced by the use of Ytsara products, which are developed exclusively for high-end resort & spas to cater to guests with a discerning appetite for beauty and excellence. Made with rare botanicals, sustainably selected for their transformative powers, Ytsara products remind us to stop and reconnect, and take time for ourselves.
Besides a wide variety of services, including specialty and standard massages, body scrubs, facials, reflexology..., we have spent time developing few signature spa treatments which you can’t find anywhere else. Come discover these spa experiences exclusively designed for you.

Tranquil Journey

The package is created with you in mind. Slow deep movements rhyme with your calm breath, deep relaxing music talks to your soul while warm calming poultice, Jasmine and Elengi flowers melt away tension. Everything around you has slowed down. Your mind and body are reconnecting. 60 minutes four hands massage.

Prana Vital Energy

The treatment is designed to erase your fatigue, featuring a combination of massage techniques while Ytsara’s Vital Energy Body Oil made with Blue Ginger inspires self-connection and renewal. Targeting the meridian energy system, the Thai Sip Sen Massage discovers and unblocks areas of trapped energy that manifest in physical and/or emotional pain. Energize the mind and spirit for a feeling of deep healing. 60 minutes massage.

Deep Tissue Regenerative Massage Mohom

Surrender to a deep tissue massage for free motion. Relieve stiff and sore muscles with a deep muscular treatment that combines steamed therapeutic herbs with a rare essential oil found only on two remote islands in the Pacific Ocean. Rainforest clove has the ability to suppress pain while Tangerine, Pink Grapefruit and Rosemary drain toxins out from your muscles. You are now soothed, relaxed and free of sores. 60 minutes four hands treatment.

Four Hands Body Massage

It is a fantastic anti-stress massage technique performed by two therapists working at the same time, creating four hands massage choreography. The treatment is done with warm sesame oil in your full body. By giving a double stimulation, double physical and mental relaxation, it has restorative and calming effect on entire nervous system, revives body and mind, releases stress, improves sleep and increases joint mobility. 60 minutes four hands treatment.


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Designed in minimalist style with a sense of warmth and elegance, we offer a wide range of Onsen baths and facilities in separate spaces for men and women. Using hot spring water sourced from the depth of Truong Son mountain, our Onsen baths provide relaxing and therapeutic experiences both in-house and out-door.

Alba Mineral Water Bath

Filled with thermal mineral water of Alba natural hot spring, it offers a wonderful holistic bathing experience. Mentally and physically stress relieving, this hot bath relaxes the mind and muscles, whilst the mineral content of the water works to alleviate numerous ailments.

Silk Bath

Containing large amounts of micro-bubbles infused with hydrogen and set at a warm, inviting temperature, this bath helps relax the muscles and alleviate rheumatic and arthritic aches, as well as nourish body tissues, tighten skin and improve its elasticity. The tiny bubbles give the water a beautiful silky texture.

Jet Bath

Soothe sore muscles and melt away tension with the ultimate jet bath experience. Ideal for aches and pains, full-body jet streams massage away the day’s stresses. As you lay down, the oxygenated water stimulates your blood circulation and metabolism, assisting in weight loss whilst you simply relax.

Garden Mineral Water Bath

An open-air bath set in our traditional Japanese garden. Be at one with the nature as you bathe in the serenity of the outdoors. It helps warming you to the bone and making your skin so smooth.

Cold Bath

Refreshing and invigorating, the cold bath’s 17-19°C water stimulates the body’s natural energy and nerve endings. The contrasting temperature of this bath to the other hot baths makes it a wonderfully enlivening bath to dip into. The Cold Bath also has aesthetic anti-aging benefits, closing the pores and tightening the skin.


The temperature in our dry heat sauna rises to 80-95°C to encourage sweating for ultimate purification. The heat opens the pores, cleansing the skin, relieving tension, and refreshing your body.

Steam bath

At 100% humidity, our steam room’s wet heat opens the pores and detoxifies the skin and body. Cleansing and soothing, it rejuvenates the skin, relieves joint and muscle pain, and relaxes the body and mind.


Gym Center

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Gym Center

Our Gym will give you the possibility to exercise using the finest fitness equipment that will satisfy the needs of all and can work out your tension and ensure your stay in peak condition.


Kids Club

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Kids Club

Our Kids Center is a place that cultivates family health and happiness with a remarkable range of activities and facilities. We understand how important it is to enrich young minds through play and creativity and will make sure that kids enjoy an exciting and enriching experience at Alba Wellness Resort.


Meeting Room

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Meeting Room

Whether you are planning an exclusive meeting for top executives or a corporate retreat with inspirational team building activities, or a gala dinner to celebrate success, we offer a spectacular choice of settings and facilities, as well as a dedicated team to ensure that every detail is executed flawlessly.


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