Alba Wellness Resort is proud to be a member of Alba Vietnam – an affiliate of Openasia Group.

The word “Alba” originates from Latin and means sunrise. It evokes a sense of freshness and originality, which lays the inspiration for Alba Vietnam’s philosophy and activities. Based on Alba hot spring source, 30km north-west of Hue city, Alba Vietnam offers a diverse range of health and wellness products, from Alba mineral water to Alba hospitality, including Alba Hotel, Alba Spa Hotel, Alba Hot Spring Resort and Alba Wellness Resort. At Alba, we strive to bring to our guests an exceptional health and wellness experience through professional services and unique products.

Openasia Group was established as an investment firm operating in Vietnam since 1994. Rapidly developing into a diversified group of companies led by a strong sense of entrepreneurship, Openasia now manages seven divisions employing more than 1,500 employees, in different sectors such as fashion, craft, technology, hospitality etc.

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