Five health benefits of Vietnamese food

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Five health benefits of Vietnamese food

If you were asked what made you fall in love with Vietnamese food, what would you say? For me, there are numerous things to love about their food, from the noodle soups representing a balance of meat and vegetables to its coffee – strong, almost chocolaty in flavor or even the beer for a hot day. But, it’s appealing not only for its great taste, but also for its advantages for our health. Here are the 5 health benefits of Vietnamese food.

It improves digestion

If you have ever tried Vietnamese food, you will find that most of it contains the herbs like coriander, mint, etc. You may feel their flavor in the dish, but you should know that not only is it promoting the taste of the food, but these vegetables also have health benefits, such as reducing indigestion, headaches, and nausea.

It helps weight loss

Vietnamese food is flavored by herbs and spices and is packed full of fresh fruit and vegetables, so it contains low calories and unhealthy fats. For example, a large bowl of soup may have between 300 and 600 calories and less than 3 grams of fat. You can eat it all day for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and avoid weight gain.

It is good for those with blood sugar problems 

Blood sugar appears to be a health danger on the same level with tobacco and alcohol. But this may be limited with Vietnamese food. Many soups and dishes of Vietnam are low in sugar (less than 5g per serving), and enjoying them will certainly help cut the intake of sugar.

It keeps you young and beautiful

You will be surprised that eating Vietnamese food is a good way to keep you young and beautiful. Fresh vegetables and soups of Vietnam provide a lot of vitamins such as A and E due to its ingredients of fresh herbs, spices, and no-fat meat. And as proved by science, while vitamin E works to fight free radicals in your body (one of the major causes of aging process), Vitamin A is essential for healing scrapes and scars, and keeping wrinkles at bay, leaving you with smooth skin.

It enhances immunity, anti-fatigue

Why it is said so? Do you know that just a bowl of Vietnamese food contains loads of your daily vitamins and minerals? If this is the first time you hear this, let me tell you via a bowl of Pho. Its pure broth takes over 10 hours to be prepared. It provides up to 10 types of vitamins and minerals including vitamins C, B3, B6, folate, iron and magnesium that help reduce fatigue.

Source: Vietnam Discovery Travel