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Designed in minimalist style with a sense of warmth and elegance, we offer a wide range of Onsen baths and facilities in separate spaces for men and women. Using hot spring water sourced from the depth of Truong Son mountain, our Onsen baths provide relaxing and therapeutic experiences both in-house and out-door.

Alba Mineral Water Bath

Filled with thermal mineral water of Alba natural hot spring, it offers a wonderful holistic bathing experience. Mentally and physically stress relieving, this hot bath relaxes the mind and muscles, whilst the mineral content of the water works to alleviate numerous ailments.

Silk Bath

Containing large amounts of micro-bubbles infused with hydrogen and set at a warm, inviting temperature, this bath helps relax the muscles and alleviate rheumatic and arthritic aches, as well as nourish body tissues, tighten skin and improve its elasticity. The tiny bubbles give the water a beautiful silky texture.

Jet Bath

Soothe sore muscles and melt away tension with the ultimate jet bath experience. Ideal for aches and pains, full-body jet streams massage away the day’s stresses. As you lay down, the oxygenated water stimulates your blood circulation and metabolism, assisting in weight loss whilst you simply relax.

Garden Mineral Water Bath

An open-air bath set in our traditional Japanese garden. Be at one with the nature as you bathe in the serenity of the outdoors. It helps warming you to the bone and making your skin so smooth.

Cold Bath

Refreshing and invigorating, the cold bath’s 17-19°C water stimulates the body’s natural energy and nerve endings. The contrasting temperature of this bath to the other hot baths makes it a wonderfully enlivening bath to dip into. The Cold Bath also has aesthetic anti-aging benefits, closing the pores and tightening the skin.


The temperature in our dry heat sauna rises to 80-95°C to encourage sweating for ultimate purification. The heat opens the pores, cleansing the skin, relieving tension, and refreshing your body.

Steam bath

At 100% humidity, our steam room’s wet heat opens the pores and detoxifies the skin and body. Cleansing and soothing, it rejuvenates the skin, relieves joint and muscle pain, and relaxes the body and mind.