Restaurants & Bars

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Restaurants & Bars

Green cuisine is an essential part of any wellness holiday. At Alba Wellness Resort, we bring you a unique culinary experience using organic produce provided by our Alba farm. We use sustainable practices like diversified farming, vermicomposting and we raise animals outdoors without antibiotics and hormones. By working in harmony with nature, we strive to restore the original realm of Hue’s cuisine. Come and enjoy the best nature has to offer!

Madame Chau restaurant

Conveniently located in the heart of the resort, between Alba Village and Alba Inn, this fine dining restaurant offers breathtaking 360-degree views over Lotus lake and surrounding forest. Here, guests can enjoy delicacies of Hue’s cuisine. Other delicious Vietnamese and Western dishes, as well as healthy fruit juices are served to improve appetite and well-being. Don’t miss this sublime culinary experience!

Mori restaurant

Located in Onsen & Spa area and looking over Japanese rock garden, Mori restaurant is a relaxing spot for Japanese vegetarian snacks and light dishes during your wellness journey. Japanese cuisine is regarded as one of the healthiest in the world, with vegetables playing a big part of both everyday home cooking and dining out. Come enjoy our extensive variety of appetizing salads and side dishes, using ingredients at the peak of their freshness and flavor in our Alba farm.

Mizu Cafe

Inspired by Japan’s minimalist aesthetic, Mizu café is so calm with clean walls and cozy wooden furniture. Located adjacent to the Onsen & Spa area, this is the perfect place to relax with the finest tea and coffee collection. Order a tea/coffee and add some delicious homemade healthy cookies to enjoy the simplicity and tranquility of the nature. Mizu café will surely bring you peaceful moments in your wellness journey.

Pool Bar

Be sure to take the opportunity to order yourself a drink from our extensive menu of cold beers, exotic cocktails, delicious and healthy fruit smoothies with light snacks at our cool, contemporary pool side bar whilst you bask in the sun’s rays under beautiful blue sky on the recliners surrounding the pool. This is also the venue for pool parties to celebrate special occasions with lot of fun.