Break your daily routine at Alba Wellness Resort

Break your daily routine at Alba Wellness Resort

Sometimes, the daily routine makes you feel tired and you want to escape it for a while. Just pack your luggage and go to Alba Wellness Resort. Here, everyone can find their way to keep things fresh, to reproduce energy and to live life to the fullest.

Located 30km in the North of Hue city, at the foot of Truong Son mountain and right on the birthplace of a natural hot spring, Alba Wellness Resort is a tranquil land cradled by lush garden, tropical forest, hot and cold streams and a local lifestyle rich in Hue’s traditions. The pleasant environment invites you to leave the world behind and enjoy life as you like.

You can spend a day full of wellness activities such as yoga, meditation, Onsen baths, spa and other body exercises. Wake up early in your room, you should choose between bathing in hot spring water and stepping into the yoga studio for morning exercise. Alba Wellness Resort has the first ever Onsen & Spa centre in Vietnam, with a wide range of Onsen baths and facilities in separate spaces for men and women. Let the hot water warm you to the bone, relax your muscles, nourish your body tissue and make your skin so smooth while enjoying beautiful nature. Following Onsen baths, pamper yourself with a unique spa experience featuring a combination of therapeutic skills, quiet music and aromatherapy. Mori restaurant, located in Onsen & Spa area is an ideal spot to relax during your wellness journey. Order some Japanese vegetarian snacks and light dishes, using ingredients at the peak of their freshness and flavor in Alba organic farm, they are not only delicious but very good for your health. The rest of the day is time for leisurely practices: meditation in the serenity of Zen garden; stroll along bamboo paths or short walk in the forest…

You can start your day with a cycling tour to discover the local landscape and culture. Riding through a maze of rice paddies, you will enjoy the sun glinting seductively off the field, reminding you how beautiful Vietnam truly is. Stop for breakfast at a countryside market that opens only few hours in the early morning, you will encounter interesting local vendors and taste their delightful dishes. The tour will bring you through ancient villages which date back to 400 years, through cathedrals and pagodas, through romantic rivers and peaceful gardens… If you are lucky enough, you will meet the monk at the temple nearby the resort and listen to his stories about the local lifestyle and history. The tour ends at noon time and a lunch at Madame Chau restaurant with Hue’s delicacies will be a wonderful experience.

You can simply enjoy the “art of doing nothing” at Alba Wellness Resort. Throughout the day, you are wandering along bamboo paths, sipping a cup of tea in Mizu café and basking in the sun’s rays under beautiful blue sky on the recliners surrounding the pool.

Whatever your choice, at Alba Wellness Resort, you will feel a sense of relief to rebalance your body, spirit and mind.

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