Spa treatments

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Spa treatments

Alba Wellness Resort offers massage therapies for the perfect balance of body and soul. Following the relaxation of the Onsen, pamper yourself with our truly unique spa experience, which is meticulously designed by our team of wellness experts to suit your individual needs.
All of our treatments are enhanced by the use of Ytsara products, which are developed exclusively for high-end resort & spas to cater to guests with a discerning appetite for beauty and excellence. Made with rare botanicals, sustainably selected for their transformative powers, Ytsara products remind us to stop and reconnect, and take time for ourselves.
Besides a wide variety of services, including specialty and standard massages, body scrubs, facials, reflexology..., we have spent time developing few signature spa treatments which you can’t find anywhere else. Come discover these spa experiences exclusively designed for you.

Tranquil Journey

The package is created with you in mind. Slow deep movements rhyme with your calm breath, deep relaxing music talks to your soul while warm calming poultice, Jasmine and Elengi flowers melt away tension. Everything around you has slowed down. Your mind and body are reconnecting. 60 minutes four hands massage.

Prana Vital Energy

The treatment is designed to erase your fatigue, featuring a combination of massage techniques while Ytsara’s Vital Energy Body Oil made with Blue Ginger inspires self-connection and renewal. Targeting the meridian energy system, the Thai Sip Sen Massage discovers and unblocks areas of trapped energy that manifest in physical and/or emotional pain. Energize the mind and spirit for a feeling of deep healing. 60 minutes massage.

Deep Tissue Regenerative Massage Mohom

Surrender to a deep tissue massage for free motion. Relieve stiff and sore muscles with a deep muscular treatment that combines steamed therapeutic herbs with a rare essential oil found only on two remote islands in the Pacific Ocean. Rainforest clove has the ability to suppress pain while Tangerine, Pink Grapefruit and Rosemary drain toxins out from your muscles. You are now soothed, relaxed and free of sores. 60 minutes four hands treatment.

Four Hands Body Massage

It is a fantastic anti-stress massage technique performed by two therapists working at the same time, creating four hands massage choreography. The treatment is done with warm sesame oil in your full body. By giving a double stimulation, double physical and mental relaxation, it has restorative and calming effect on entire nervous system, revives body and mind, releases stress, improves sleep and increases joint mobility. 60 minutes four hands treatment.